User Briefing

Developing and maintaining OSS libraries is hard work and often without much pay or gratitude. Maintainers need more support than nice words or few and unsteady donations, to fulfill the users wishes and implement more and more features, fix bugs, explain interfaces, and interact with the community and companies using the project.

One Dollar Bill PayDevs is designed to collect a little money from all users of open source libraries by providing a closed registry and restricting easy access to build packages.

By collecting $1 per month per private user (and more from corporate users), we collect money that is distributed monthly to the library maintainers based on the number of users of a library - just like Netflix or Spotify.

Your contribution will help maintainers to find more time to work on the libraries you love!


Using PayDevs Registries

After registering you will have access to our NPM Registry and can use a command line package manager of your choice (e.g., npm, yarn, pnpm) to login and then download or publish packages (if you are the maintainer of the package on

To login you can use the following commands (more info is listed on the NPM Registry):

npm set registry 
npm login