About Us

People in Startup office PayDevs is on a mission to create the Developer Economy (similar to the Creator Economy), by starting to help maintainers of open source libraries monetize their projects without having to worry about fundraising, billing, accounting, or international taxes. We provide a registry for software libraries (basically a database) where users have to pay us to get access to the built or compiled software libraries and we shield the maintainers from billing, accounting, and international tax process with the users of their libraries.

The idea behind PayDevs was conceived long before its official establishment. Our founder, Jörg, initiated discussions and conducted extensive research on monetizing open-source software in Q1 2022. As the concept evolved, Jörg developed the initial system in Q2, actively seeking feedback from maintainers and potential investors.

In Q4 2022, PayDevs was officially founded, with its headquarters based in Karlsruhe, Germany. We launched the platform's private beta phase, and since 2023, we have transitioned into the public beta phase, inviting more users to experience and provide feedback on our services.

At PayDevs, we are passionate about fostering the growth of the Developer Economy, empowering maintainers, and ensuring a sustainable future for open-source software.


We are dedicated to building the Developer Economy by offering developers worldwide a seamless way to monetize their software libraries.


We are committed to enabling open-source maintainers to pursue their projects full-time, fostering and sustaining innovation in the open-source community!

Culture & Core Values

People around a whiteboard discussing We value teamwork, flat hierarchies, clear communication, and full ownership and responsibility as well as a customer-focused, curious, experimental and data-driven mindset.

Be Courageous

We are open to change. We love to develop new things and test new hypothesis. We are not afraid to try out crazy ideas, nor are we afraid to admit to failed attempts. Our progressive mindset allows us to reflect and learn from our experiences. We question the status quo, drive issues forward independently and create solutions.

Be Authentic

We foster an open feedback culture and encourage dialog and discussion. We are convinced that progress is not possible without friction. Therefore, we create an environment in which everyone can be happy, no one has to pretend, and can be true to themselves. Mistakes are part of the game and we deal with them constructively so that they can be avoided in the future.

Be Responsible

We trust each other and build a sustainable relationship with maintainers and contributors of open-source software. Every one of us takes ownership and responsibility for their tasks, takes initiative and is conscientious with our resources.

Be Supportive

Our inner drive and passion for what we do motivate us every day. We strive to achieve our ambitious goals together. For us, results are more important than position and experience. Because joint success moves us forward as a Team.