Beta Briefing

PayDevs provides a private registry for JavaScript packages - keeping your project open source with a closed package. Users with a dependency to your package now have to pay for the convenience of downloading the compiled package - by paying a flat rate of $1 per month for private users and $150 for corporate users to access the entire registry.

To keep things fair and simple, we make monthly payouts based on the number of users (i.e. not downloads) that we count for your library. We provide and operate the network of closed registries for your package and handle the monetization as a service - without any cost for you!

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How can you help?

During the Beta we need help understanding different publishing processes maintainer have, what features you would additionally need, and test the technical system. If you want to help please:

  1. Register and confirm both your your email adresseses (for the Website and the PayDevs NPM Registry)
  2. Login to our NPM registry
npm set registry
npm login
# use your username and password for the PayDevs NPM Registry 
  1. Publish New Version of your package
npm publish --registry
  1. Test New Version of your package
mkdir paydevs-test-project
cd paydevs-test-project
npm init -y
echo 'const myPackage = require('YOUR_PACKAGE');' > test.js
# You can write some code to use your package 
# or just test it's existance by downloading it from PayDevs
node test.js

5a. (Optional) Build a Project Locally using the PayDevs NPM Registry

# Delete your dependencies (from NPM)
rm -rf node_modules
rm package-lock.json
# Install your dependencies (from PayDevs NPM)
npm install
# Run / Test your project, e.g., using:
npm run dev

5b. (Optional) Build a Project in CI/CD Tool (e.g., Vercel) using the PayDevs NPM Registry. (For Vercel check their description for Private Dependencies)

# Go to your Vercel settings page
# Add a new environment variable called "NPM_RC"
# Copy the whole content of your .npmrc file as the value (e.g. more ~/.npmrc)
# (or create a env variable called "NPM_TOKEN" and use the line containing "//")
# Trigger a re-build of your project
  1. Logout from PayDevs - or you might use the PayDevs NPM Registry intentionally (e.g., npm set registry && npm login). You can always stay with PayDevs and test it more - we have an uplink to so every package in is also available in our registry. If you want to remove all traces from the test you can use these instructions:
# Delete the dependencies from PayDevs NPM
rm -rf node_modules
rm package-lock.json

# Delete the test project
cd PATH # for "paydevs-test-project"
rm -rf paydevs-test-project

# Login to NPM registry
npm set registry
npm login

# Re-Install the dependencies from NPM
npm install

We would also be very interested to hear if you have a special publishing process that goes beyond "npm publish", and if publishing to another registry would change or disrupt your CI/CD workflow - and why (just contact us via email or social media).

What's in it for you?

As an early adopter, you can help shape and optimize the system and be among the first to participate in the payouts during the public beta. As for the potential income, you can look at our calculations in the Maintainer Introduction.

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